Sign Up

Sign-up on our website. Let us know to where you would like to setup a closet. We will assign you one of our Hosts and send a pre-paid box to your home. Pack the clean clothes you want in your closet into the box. Toiletries? Each PaktBag box comes with a box of new toiletries for you to use. Drop your box in the mail. 


Closet Set Up

Once your things arrive, your Host will unpack, organize, and store them in their closet. You are all set.


Start Traveling

When a trip comes up send PaktBag a notice with your flight and hotel information including when you plan to arrive.  Leave your house and board the plane without a bag. (Ok. Maybe you will have a bag to carry a computer and a pack of gum.)  


Meet Your Bag

The night before you arrive your host will pull your clothes from the closet, pack them neatly in a PaktBag box, label it with your name, and deliver it to your hotel. When you arrive just retrieve your box from the front desk.  Get to work. 


Work Hard. Go Home

As your trip winds down and you get ready to check out, pack your box back up using the provided instructions. Drop it off with the front desk in the hotel lobby. Head off to the airport. 


Arrive Home

After a long week of working arrive home to friends and family with literally no baggage. The PaktBag you left behind has already been picked up and is on it's way to be professionally cleaned. Once cleaned it will be delivered back to your Host. They will neatly and safely put you things back in their closet until your next trip. 

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